Recruitment Process for Candidates

We are experts at helping candidates find the right role, and adopt a specific process when identifying and registering candidates.

We will tell you if we can’t help you.

On receipt of your CV it will be reviewed against the following essential criteria:

  • experience
  • knowledge and understanding
  • qualifications

All applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Step 1    Interview with KB Recruitment SW Ltd

  • If your CV is accepted and suitability established you will be invited to attend a preliminary face to face interview with one of our consultants, during which you will be asked about your CV in more detail, as well as being asked to provide background knowledge and motivation together with proof of identity. We will also discuss your specific needs and requirements, give you a realistic overview of market conditions, and ask you a number of competency based questions.

Step 2    Candidate Profile

  • Following your interview with us, we create your profile based on your personal skills, experience and personal attributes, and incorporate this into our CV format to submit to clients.

Step 3    Client Approaches

  • We discuss your skills and experience with potential clients and present your candidate profile using our CV format to suitable clients.

Step 4    Interview Briefing

  • We fully brief you both before and after interviews with clients, providing assistance with interview techniques and guidance on style and format.

Step 5    Interviews with Clients

  • We arrange all interviews on your behalf, and provide you with written confirmation.

Step 6    Feedback from Interviews

  • We will discuss your views on each interview attended, and provide you with feedback from the clients, and where agreed arrange further interviews.

Step 7    Your Consultant Liaises with Clients

  • We will act as intermediary in all negotiations.

Step 8    Constant Communication

  • We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure you settled in well after starting a new role, or just checking if your circumstances have changed, and offering advice and guidance with career planning.

Step 9    Confidentiality

  • We maintain total confidentiality throughout the entire recruitment process.

Our recruitment process allows us to build long term relationships with you our candidate, to help you develop a successful and rewarding career.

To find out more about using KB Recruitment SW Ltd for your job search contact us for a confidential discussion, or register your CV online.